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AgileCraft is an all-in-one agile management suite built from the ground up to support scaled agile software development. From small teams to large distributed enterprises, AgileCraft can help companies scale agile faster, easier and with better results.


AgileCraft’s Enterprise module provides a light-weight agile process to help organizations align business goals and balance risk in order to select projects that will deliver the most value with the best probability of success. With the new Enterprise Strategy module, strategy teams document their plans from mission, vision and values down through to goals, strategy and tactics. Next enterprise demand vs capacity can be visualized, analyzed and optimized to get a full view of business needs and to prioritize against goals and resource constraints. This top-down planning ensures that tactical project work is well aligned with the strategic business goals and eliminates unnecessary projects and investments.

With agile the need to adapt rapidly to changes in business objectives and resource fluctuations is critical. AgileCraft’s strategic planning snapshots help to maximize the efficiency of resource planning and ensure the best use of resources with highest-value return for the business. As the resource mix, risk posture, budget and strategy evolves, everyone from the executive to the developer can stay informed of the current priorities as well as the status of all projects in process.

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