SEO increases Flossy Plimsolls traffic by 700% in 6 months 

Established over 25 years ago and originally worn by sailing enthusiasts throughout the Barcelona yachting clubs, Flossy Plimsolls have become the ultimate in simple, fashionable footwear.




Flossy approached Professional SEO Agency in the early stages of breaking into the UK market - They required our assistance in positioning their brand online as a serious player within the footwear sector.


With a product range which was completely new to the UK, Flossy Plimsolls’ core objective was to gain visibility within their business sector on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

From a standing start, we took their entry-level website from receiving 600 hits per month to receiving 12,000 hits per month, within a 6 month time frame, by running a focused SEO campaign. They soon outgrew their original website and required a full rebuild, which we undertook on their behalf. The opportunity to overhaul their website enabled us to thoroughly review their site structure and content and to gear things fully towards organic performance.


The new Flossy Plimsolls website now gets between 35,000 - 50,000 hits per month (depending on time of year/season) and has a healthy bounce rate of just 29%.

Their return on investment from the Search Engine Optimisation campaign shows Flossy Plimsolls in excess of fifteen-times the outlaid monthly spend and continues to improve over time. The brand is openly regarded as one of the fastest growing youth footwear trends in the UK.

With over 50 top-page positions on Google.co.uk for both generic and brand-related keywords, Flossy Plimsolls continue to grow their monthly online spend with Jellyfish and have have established themselves as key competitors with ASOS, Schuh and Office within their sector online.

Main Campaign Achievements

  • Improved visibility for organic positioning
  • Improved site conversion rate by enhancing user experience through site redesign & rebuild
  • Monthly Hits 75 times greater than at start of campaign
  • Bounce rate reduced from 38% to 29%
  • Average time spent on website increased 

0.08% CTR

18% less CPA

350% ROI

From Flossy Stylish Shoes

“Professional SEO Agency have done remarkable work for us. They did not committed anything before they have delivered which is again beyond our expectations.”

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